350 Seattle has launched a Beyond Capitalism group. Here is my presentation to the groups first public forum on March 23, 2017.


05/08/2017 8:57pm

Capitalism is growing rapidly in the state and we may be shocked by the things that we do not know. It is a pleasure that we will know something that will help us grow in this life. A new adjustment for us to know and this will make a difference in the lives of the servants of the Lord. I will wait for the next update on this. I will help and I will try to understand it with all my heart.

05/09/2017 3:50am

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05/15/2017 4:46am

This is a very useful post, thank you! I agree that innovations are the most important thing for most businesses, because with today’s fast changing world we need to stay on top of the changes, if we want to survive.


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