Published on Counterpunch on June 2, 2017.  Click here to read.


06/15/2017 11:49am

You seem to have a very knowledgeable opinion in this field. Being a democrat is a lot harder this time. Our republican leader is trying to implement his own beliefs on the country. I don't think that your opinion can be given much attention. We can only hope to see our democrat leaders step up and act on climate action.

08/21/2017 9:04am

Your writing skill is amazing because only some writers can lead the readers with them and show what secrets are hidden in human minds, hats off and cheers

09/15/2017 6:01am

Such a great moments you shared, loved this place as well climate action looks like a really romantic.

10/10/2017 2:38pm

Sure, I will click that link to check out the details. It will be pretty interesting for me.

12/06/2017 10:29pm

According to me, it is looking a little worried.

12/06/2017 11:35pm

Quite brave as a person she is.


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