I spoke at Revolutionary Workers Group's Revolutionary University in Berkeley, CA.  Click here to watch.


12/19/2017 2:33pm

危机是生活的一部分,它影响到我们的思想和生活。 但耐心是使我们强大的第一件事。 作为一个人,我们应该在生活中记住我们的上帝。 因为上帝创造我们是为了特定的目的,这种方式可以给你正确的方式。

12/22/2017 11:58pm

As an environmental activist, I am very proud of you, Carol. Standing up for the community, even at your age, you are still making great movements in the environmental protection field. As a fellow activist, I strive to become someone like you someday. Someone who is noble, bright and courageous. I really liked how you handled the interview, you were pretty decisive on the questions and you were able to pull off one of the cleanest interview I have heard in a long time now.

12/27/2017 5:24am

The crisis that our environment currently faces is a really serious issue that our leaders should find a solution to. We should not ignore the signs that our climate gives. There will be deadly consequences if we do not find solutions to the environmental crisis that we have. I hope that we start changing our ways to lessen the pollution that we make. I fully support your cause here, Carol, and I hope that you would continue on being an environment activist.

01/16/2018 8:40pm

This kind of talk addressing the environmental crisis is truly needed by the community. There are a lot of aspects of ecological crisis, few are the climate change and the environmental pollution. The environmental crisis that we are experiencing right now is not easy to solve. We should plan properly, it should encompass sustaining the solution for a long period, then take an action and apply all the objectives. We should plan and work now. I appreciate this kind of blog post as it is related in information dissemination regarding environment. Thank you for sharing this blog post and I hope that someday, we could achieve a cleaner and safer environment.


The leader should be responsible for the problems of the environment. There are serious issues needed to be solved as soon as possible. It is the right time that the government and leaders do something about the environmental concern. Ms. Carol, it is good to see that you are still healthy. You are one of the most active environmental activists in our place. I can see your sincerity in our environment everyone in our country should be proud of you, you did everything for our environment. I am hoping that you will have another life to teach young people to love our nature let them be inspired by you.


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